Yamaha F 200 XB Outboard Engine

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Year: Current

Brand: Yamaha

Model: F 200 XB


Yamaha F 200 XB Outboard Engine

Yamaha  200 Horse Power Four Stroke 25" Shaft Length Outboard Engine

Model Features Include:  2.8L Four-Cylinder, Four Large Diameter Valves Per Cylinder, Double Overhead Cam Shafts, Variable Cam Shaft Timing (VCT), Tuned Long-Track Induction System, Single Throttle Valve, Engine Warning System, Sacrificial Anodes, YDC-30 Aluminum Alloy, Phaze Five Paint System, Hight Output Alternator, SST Drive, Prop and Shift Shafts, SST Steering Tube, Magnetic Drain Plug, Freshwater Flush, External Tilt Switch, Optional Tilt Limiter, Vibration Reduction Mounting System, Twin Balancer Shafts and Shift Dampener System Compatible.

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