Heyday Wake Boats goal is to stir up the wake sports world by combining revolutionary design and affordability.  Providing consumers with the best water sports experience possible at a reasonable price.

These boats were created from the keel up to be different, and purpose built.  The Heyday design was created by many of the same team members that helped invent the wake sports category nearly two decades ago- including top wake hull engineer “Cotton” Welshan, a 30-year veteran of the watersports industry. Together these designers recognized the flaws in many of today’s wake sports boats and decided to start over with a clean slate.  Innovative hull design was key. To achieve better displacement, the design employs Heyday exclusive Bailing Strakes, which are designed to push/bail water from beneath the hull, thereby reducing its resistance to being pushed into the water.  This, together with an exceptionally deep aft freeboard, allows the Heyday to displace more water and, in turn, create BIGGER WAVES!