How To Choose The Right Bass Fishing Boat

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A good bass fishing boat can cost over $50,000 these days.  It is important then that you shop carefully at Holiday Marine in Central Florida before deciding which one to buy.  Here are some things to think about before making your final decision.

1.    How will you use the boat?  If you are a tournament fisherman then you will want a bigger boat than the average.  Most sport fishermen will settle for something 18 to 20 feet long.  Usually, the bigger the boat, the bigger the price.  Don’t buy more than you need.

2.    What size lake do you fish?  Even if you are not a championship fisherman, you may want to look at a larger boat if you plan to fish in a lake large enough to generate rougher water.

3.    Will your tackle fit well?  Look at the rod locker.  Will your longest rods fit in there?  You don’t want to buy more boat than you need, but at the same time, you want something that will comfortably haul your stuff.

4.    Is the boat well-built?  Check the quality of the workmanship around the hull and interior.  Check compartments to see if they are made of metal or plastic and how well they are attached to the boat.  Some of the best manufactures use fiberglass to build there storage compartments.  Every detail will be important when you are actually on the water.

5.     Does it have a bilge pump?  If so, how big?  The size of the lake in which you will be fishing will determine the size you need or whether you need one at all.  You don’t want to be on Lake Okeechobee during a storm bailing with your coffee cup, nor do you need to sit on a rural pond with a 2000 GPH bilge pump.

6.    What are your electrical requirements?  Bass boats are usually decked out with Power Poles, a fish finder’s with structure (side) scan capabilities, the trolling motor, and recirculating pumps.  You need to look at the size of the battery and the gauge of wiring used.

7.    What kind of warranty and service agreement comes with the boat? Is the warranty transferrable?  A transferable warranty greatly increases the resale value of a boat.

8.    What is its resale value?  Chances are, you will someday want to trade your boat in on a newer model.  When you narrow your choices down to just a few brands, take a look at the ABOS Blue Book and compare the resale value of the makes and models in which you are interested.  You will see which manufactures hold their value and which manufactures depreciate quickly.  Typically your entry level boats that are value priced loose value fast.  High quality, well built boats, that cost more money hold there value. Even though more money is spent,  less money is lost when you sell or trade a high quality, well built boat.

There are a lot of different makes and models of bass fishing boats.  Choosing from so many can be a lot of fun.  Use the tips above to help you make the right choice. If you have questions or need help selecting the right bass boat contact Holiday Marine in Leesburg FL at 352-787-4824 or email us at