Fishing Report November Harris Chain Of Lakes

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Fishing Report November Harris Chain Of Lakes

Santana Moretto

Fishing on the chain is very tough right now; fish are a scattered everywhere! Some are spawning in shallow waters, and I have also caught them deep in brush. Don’t be scared to try anything. If I were going out to catch them, I would find grass lines close to deep water, pitch a MISSILE BAITS D BOMB bruiser color Texas rig with a 1/4 tungsten; I am certain eventually you will run into some. Another great idea was finding drop-offs on main points; I would tackle this by throwing a Rapala DT 10 or 8s. Note that when cranking, you should always try to find deep water.



KastKing Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series Fishing Rod 7′ 5” Heavy

Reel: KastKing Speed Demon Elite Deadbolt Baitcasting Reel

Bait: Missile Baits Baby D Bomber

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